Shiatsu Therapist Education, 15 months Intensive starts september 2021

The course is in English

The Shiatsu education takes 400 hours and spans over 15 months. 
The school is R.A.B Approved

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The Shiatsu School:

The Shiatsu school was started in 1997 by Graeme Docherty and Jeremy Halpin to make it possible for people living in Denmark to take a Shiatsu Therapist education in Denmark.

Through the years, we have educated hundreds of Shiatsu therapists at the school, several of them are now leading Shiatsu therapists with their own clinics and schools.

We have held many workshops and seminars with some of the world’s best Shiatsu teachers and shiatsu therapists at our school, including Wilfried Rappenekker(D), Carola Beresford-Cooke (GB), David Ventura (SP), Laura Davidson (GB) Pia Staniek (D) and many others.

We believe it is essential to continually inspire and further educate our students so that they become even more skilled at giving shiatsu.

The education is RAB approved:

The Shiatsu training plus 300 hours of anatomy, physiology and disease studies allows you to become as a Registered Alternative Behandler, under “Sundhedsrådet”.

Specifically, this means that your treatments will be exempt from V.A.T.

The Shiatsu Training is for anyone wishing to work with Shiatsu as a profession.

You do not need any specific qualification to participate, just reasonable physical and emotional health.

The school emphasises that each student develops their personal treatment style.

Therefore, as much as possible part of the teaching takes place one to one.

We find that this is the best way to learn shiatsu.

Self -awareness and Development”

Our training has a strong focus on self-awareness and self-development.

We are always trying to find new ways to help our students to develop their sensitivity.

During the course as well as learning Shiatsu you will also learn meditation and mindfulness techniques, Meridian Energy Yoga, Qi Gong and different Healing and Self-Healing techniques.