Workshop: Rough Zen – work in progress…

Rough Zen is a unique experience, a body and energy work course held off grid.

 21-24 May in the Highlands of Scotland


The course will be held at Druim bothy in Knoydart in North West Scotland. a bothy is an old house used by shepherds to overnight in the mountains, bothies are very basic minimal comfort shelters, ideal for rough living.

During the course we will trek in the surrounding hills each day, and weather permitting we may climb a hill or two, under the expert supervision of a local mountain ranger.

The combination of trekking, simple living and energy/body work will help us to let go of the stress of everyday living, feel freer and help us get back in contact with our true nature.

Its important when participating in an off-grid workshop that the participant work as a group and support one another. This supportive vibe is crucial to the success of the workshop.

Venue. Druim Bothy Knoydart, North West Highlands of Scotland.
Price. 3350 Kr
Dates 21-24 May 2020
Course Leader: Graeme Docherty

For more information and signing-up.  Contact Graeme at

More Info: Meeting place; we will meet at Waverly Train Station in Edinburgh on the 21st of May at 11.00. From there we will catch the morning train to Malaig an almost 6-hour train journey. From Malaig we will take a boat round to Inverie in Knoydart.

The courses fee does not include travel expenses.
Max 10 participants.