Your symptom is only a messenger telling me that there is a deeper imbalance that needs attention brought to it.

What I do when I treat is to treat your symptom or the problem you want to look at and at the same time find and put you in contact with the reason for the problem.

I do this by giving pressure to the body area or meridian that is KYO. (KYO is a Japanese term for hidden potential, non-connected, not conscious). The reason I do this is to gradually bring you back into contact with the part of yourself that has become hidden, disconnected and out of harmony with the rest of you.

In the Kyo area lies the real cause of your problem and a potential to change.

I find that this way of working is very effective because if you can get reconnected to the KYO area/the reason for your health issue, there is an excellent chance that the symptoms you have will start to disappear.

In my experience when this happens the actual health issue that I am treating will not reappear at a later date.

After the session, I tell you why I think you are having the particular health problem and give advice on what you can do to help, like teaching you easy to do self-shiatsu techniques, Qi Gong or self-awareness techniques.

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Below are a few areas that I have had outstanding results

Pain: I have had excellent results when treating clients with many different forms of pain, especially the following: lower back pain, neck and shoulder problem, pinched nerves, tennis elbow, chest pain, stomach disorders, knee problems, sciatica.

Stress and its many side effects: I find my shiatsu useful in the treatment of stress and its many side effects anxiety, sleeping disorders, burnout, headaches, heart palpitations. Here it is vital to help the client find out why they are getting stressed and what part of their emotional history is linked to the problem.

Long-term chronic illnesses: In the past few years, I have started treating many clients who have suffered long-term chronic illnesses, for example, fibromyalgia, depression, chronic fatigue syndrome – to name a few. Practically all chronic conditions through time will lead to low energy levels and emotional instability. I have had great success in helping clients gradually and through time build their energy levels up again. Helping them regain their power is a crucial first step in their recovery. In my experience, it is only when they have restored their energy that they can start to heal.