Lær Zen selv-behandling mod stress

Formålet med dette forløb er at give dig værktøjer til at behandle nogle af de symptomer, som er et resultat af det moderne liv og arbejdsliv: stress-symptomer som angst, søvnløshed og udbrændthed.

Fordelen ved at lære disse selv-massage-teknikker er at du kan påvirke symptomer, smerter eller skader hver dag og ikke kun når du har tid eller råd til at få en professionel til at hjælpe dig.
Teknikkerne er fra den klassiske japanske kropsterapi Shiatsu, som arbejder med meridiansystemet og udfra ideen om, at krop og psyken hænger sammen.

Klassen vil blive en blanding af konkrete teknikker, hvor du lærer, hvor og hvordan du skal trykke på dig selv for at få den effekt, som du har brug for.
Forløbet er meget kropsorienteret, hvilket vil sige, at du vil lære at strække forskellige dele af kroppen. Du vil få teknikker til at lytte til din krop, og du vil få behandlingsteknikker på specifikke problemstillinger så du kan lære at behandle dig selv, men også andre.

I stedet for at bruge meditation og andre mentale teknikker, bruger vi her kroppen til at få kontakt og balancere kroppen og psyken sammen.

Tid: Onsdage formiddage fra kl.09.30-11.30
Sted: Center for Shiatsu Havnegade 42 st. th. 1058 København K.
Pris: 300 kr per gang / klippekort 1200 kr for 5 gange.
Tilmelding: email til graeme@docherty.dk eller sms til 20464379.

Workshop: Rough Zen

The workshop is for those of you who are interested in discovering how the bodies energy system effects health and want to learn simple techniques to support their own every day energy.

At the workshop we will be working with techniques from Chi Kung, meditation, shiatsu, Zen self- treatment and stretching.
At the same time, it is also a workshop where the venue plays just as an important role as the workshop, set in the rough and rugged mountains of the North West of Scotland the workshop venue Druim Bothy is secluded and remote.

As well as doing energy and body work at the workshop it will be equally will about experiencing the great nature. We will do treks each day and weather permitting trek high into the mountains.
It’s important that if you are planning to join the workshop, you will have to be able to trek in the rough terrane of Knoydart each day of the workshop.

The workshop costs 3200 kr. This pays for food and board and the workshop in Inverie, Knoydart but not the travel expenses getting there.

For travel details and other information contact me at graeme@docherty.dk  or send me a sms 20464379

rough zen

Roots and wings – Children, Shiatsu and the big joints

Parents want their children to become strong, independent and happy adults. But nowadays the kids are influenced by many factors, friends, the internet, bad nutritional habits, lack of guidance, lack of quality time, …

So what we see is that issues and disorders like ADD/ADHD, bed wetting and school refusal, to name only a few, are growing amongst the young population.

How can we deal with this development? What can we do to have a positive impact on our young clients? What can we do as parents?

We will have a look at how to tackle these issues with a holistic approach, based on 20 years of clinical experience with Shiatsu.
In order to do so, we will first focus on the meridian families which are strongly connected to our physical, emotional and personal development. How do they manifest in our chi and how can we support the aspects they are associated with, on different levels?

Based on understanding the meridian families, we can develop a treatment strategy and pick the according Shiatsu techniques from our “toolbox”.

Opening the big joints for grounding, expression and space

To make our way in life, we need stable grounding combined with the freedom to move and express ourselves. Working with the joints, especially with the big joints, is a powerful tool in every Shiatsu treatment, no matter the age of the client. The concepts and techniques we learn in this workshop, directly translate into working with all your clients.

In this workshop we will have a look at

  • the chi of children
  • meridian families
  • how to support the first meridian family in particular
  • what do we have to take into account, when working with children
  • translating the concept of meridian families into a treatment plan

The practical input focuses on

  • working with the big joints
  • the effects of these techniques
  • why is working on the big joints so important for children as well as adults?

Date: 16-17 November 09.00 – 16.00
Price: 1.500 kr.
Venue: Center for Shiatsu. Havnegade 43, 1058 Kbh
Sign up: Contact graeme@docherty.dk

Wolfgang Löffler

After working for a couple of years as an engineer, Wolfgang found it was time to do something of meaning and impact, something for the heart. He found Shiatsu and started to study at the International Academy for Hara Shiatsu in Vienna.

Since then he has been working with Shiatsu for more than twenty years. A focus in his work has always been the work with children. Teaching students in practical training in different institutions (Pediatric Centre Hinterbrühl, Wilhelminen Hospital in Vienna, etc.), he about twenty years of clinical experience with ADD/ADHD, aggressive behavior, school refusal, eating disorders and other psychosomatic disorders.

In addition to his Shiatsu studies and practice, Wolfgang studied Waveform Energetics with Mike and Stella Webster and translated Shiatsu texts and books for Yuichi Kawada, Peter Den Dekker and others.

Wolfgang works and teaches at the International Academy for Hara Shiatsu in Vienna, as well as in his hometown Altlengbach, where he works with his clients. He likes to share his experience with congress participants (European Shiatsu Congresses), students (Int. Academy for Hara Shiatsu, …), as well as school classes, etc.

Wolfgang lives in Altlengbach, near Vienna, with his spouse, three sons and two dogs.